martedì 24 novembre 2015


My dear friends,

after about four years with this KALEideaSCOPE blog, it is finally time for me to move on. 
You might have noticed that I haven't been posting very often in the past months. This is due to the fact that I barely find the time to create, let alone post WIP tutorials. I feel that it is to the best advantage if I simply let this blog go and concentrate on creating.
I have worked hard to build a new website for my KALEideaSCOPE business. I feel it is best suited to my current needs to present my work and provide details about myself, my craft and of course a mean to contact me.

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domenica 1 novembre 2015

Lion cub ZENITH

I'm very happy and proud to present my latest creation, ZENITH the lion cub!
ZENITH is now on auction here:

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giovedì 15 ottobre 2015

FRIEDRIK the polar bear

Although my career as a soft sculpture artisan has started with making teddy bears, my desire to experiment and try new ideas has inexorably driven me towards the creation of many other animal kinds. After more than a year with no bears to show, I have finally decided to go back to my origins for once. The result is FRIEDRIK the polar bear, a cute 11 inches guy who found a new home and is now enjoying a new life in the US.
Please, meet FRIEDRIK!

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venerdì 11 settembre 2015

Maine coon kitten XENA

I'm back from the Summer break with another cat. The inspiration to create this kitten came from my newly acquired Maine coon kitten Xena, therefore I chose to give the creation the same name.
I'm very proud of this one, I especially like the coloring which is a favourite of mine, I adore tortoiseshell cats in all their wonderful variety!
So, meet Xena!
Sitting on her felt mat
She has hairy Maine coon paws!
....and look at her gorgeous tail!
Long whiskers....and longer ear tufts!!!

Xena can stand on all fours
She can also lay down...
...and be arranged in so many cute positions...
....just do it delicately!

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Welsh terrier COPERNICUS

COPERNICUS is a very sweet welsh terrier that I created right before the Summer break. I have been lazy... I realized only today that I haven't posted any pictures yet. So, please, meet Copernicus, who is now adopted and lives abroad! 

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domenica 24 maggio 2015

MIST the grey wolf

I have been meaning to create a wolf for a long time now. I finally decided that the time has come, and dedicated the last weeks to this new project.
I'm very very happy of the final result. I created his head out of polymer clay, then covered it with fur and scissor sculpted and shaded it. I have taken many pictures of the work in progress as I mean to do a tutorial later.
MIST IS ADOPTED, thank you!

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