mercoledì 30 novembre 2011


Here is another teddy, TOBIAS, whose fur I dyed with kool aid. The fur came out a lovely red. This guy came out so cute (in my opinion...) that I made a little family out of this pattern!

Tobias now lives in the USA.

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martedì 22 novembre 2011


My first mini at 4 inches. It was fun to make, especially his felt box. I imagine he is a sort of mini magic bear that lives inside the box.

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lunedì 21 novembre 2011

SERAFINO the mouse

Here is my first mouse! Again his face was done using needle felting. I'm quite proud of this little mouse, with his protruding teeth and stiff whiskers. He now lives in the USA, and sometimes I miss him. I might try my hand at another mouse soon! :-)

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lunedì 7 novembre 2011


This is Hugo. I spent a great deal on his leaves carpet. He also has a fantastic fur. unfortunately I discovered that dear Hugo is not photogenic. It was a real pain to get nice pictures of him, and I'm still not happy about these shots. I'm afraid I might have a problem taking good pictures of brown bears...:-(

I think he looks a lot better 'on the fur'....

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