domenica 30 settembre 2012

Waiting for the URSA final results

This is a new thing for me. I feel shy as it is my first post, in my new blog, and I'm still not sure...what do I really mean to do with this blog?
My husband says 'just write something, it doesn't really matter as nobody will really read it'. This is meant as an encouragement....;-)

Well, the blog is called 'Bear in Mind' as most of my 'free' thinking time lately has gone into bears and bear making. And of course it would be nice if you 'bear in mind' the word KALEideaSCOPE, my bear making business name!
So I better start with my excitement about tomorrow. They will be announcing the winners for the URSA AWARSD 2012. As I have three finalists in this competition, and it is the first competition I have ever tried my hand at, I am already very very proud of having three creations that made the finals. It doesn't really matter if they just make third place, all of them, I already feel a big winner! Of course I wouldn't mind a first or second place....:-)
So this is what I'm doing today: experimenting with my new blog, trying to get some work done on my next bear...while keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow. Quite a hard thing to do! ;-)

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domenica 16 settembre 2012


Applying the new 'body wire' technique to bears, after a good success with Galileus the welsh.
Here is ONORIO. He can sit, and also stand on all fours.
I'm very very happy of these new developments in my technique.

Onorio now lives in the USA!

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venerdì 7 settembre 2012

GALILEUS the welsh terrier

Terriers are my passion. After Toto the fox, here is GALILEUS the welsh! (I see a westie and a scottish in the near future...I just have to find the right fur!)

What is new in this doggie is that I have tried for the first time using a wire spine, instead of a head joint. Oh, it has opened a whole new world of possibilities! The kind of movement this technique gives the head is very interesting. The head can look up and down, so that you have a greater variety of posing possibilities.
Galileus new home is at Hawaii, USA!

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