domenica 25 novembre 2012

Mama Irina & Baby Boris Igel

Well, these are the last (for some time at least) of the 'Igel' hedgehog family, mama Irina and her sweet son Baby Boris.
I decided to list them on e-bay as there were quite a few people interested in my hedgehog family. E-bay gives everybody a fair chance of adopting, regardless of time related precedence. Well, I hope it will be a success. I liked the idea of selling them together, but it is the first time ever that I sell a couple, and who knows, maybe the higher price will scare away my faithful customers....
Here is the link to the e-bay auction:

And here are some pictures of my sweet hedgehogs, with their hearts felt mat

Irina & Boris now live in the USA!

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lunedì 19 novembre 2012

A new hedgehog!

The second member of the 'Igel' hedgehog family is ready. He was a custom order, so I have themed him with daisies as requested. His name is Igor Igel.
Igor holding his birth certificate

 I'm very very happy of the outcome. I wanted him to be really different from Vladimir, and I think I succeeded. I have taken tons of pictures of him, and some also of him with Vladimir as they haven't left for their respective new homes yet. The blessing of layaway! :-)

 It is very clear from this perspective how different their faces are: Igor has a much longer muzzle. He is also a bit fatter...:-)

Also their eyes are quite different, they have a pretty different expression, even if they are both very sweet looking I think.
It is interesting working on the same animal, making a series of them. I'm sketching them on paper beforehand, to have an idea of how they should be. Not easy as I'm very lousy at drawing... :-(

Now I have another hedgehog to be finished, probably a girl, and a baby. Let's see how they come out!

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domenica 11 novembre 2012

Baby Hedgehog

I normally work on a single creation at a time. This once, I have decided to try otherwise. I'm working on three hedgehogs at the same time. Two will be the same size of Vladi, and I wanted to make a baby hedgehog to go with one of them.
It is OK to work with three creations as they are the same animal, and I can keep my mind on the same theme anyways. The baby hedgehog has a different design. He is similar in shape to the big ones, but I had to modify the pattern not only dimension wise. It is a completely new pattern. He also has an inner wiring, so that he can fold like Vladi.

He still has no face, no shading on his legs....but I like how he is coming out! :-)

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mercoledì 7 novembre 2012

You can't be always sewing....

....sometimes, you just need to rest your eyes....and let your taste buds do some of the hard work! :-)
I've been cooking this yummy apple tart, with my son Pietro's help. He saw a recipe in kindergarten and is pestering me ever since. Today I let him help me cutting the apples, decorating the cake. He's willing to help eating it also! :-)

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lunedì 5 novembre 2012

Vladi for adoption

Here are some pictures of his pile of felt leaves, his little winter house!

Vladi now lives in the UK!

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giovedì 1 novembre 2012

Playing with Vladi

I'm having fun! Vladi the hedgehog is so cuddly, I love to hold him in my hand. I will keep him for myself a couple of days while I design his felt leaves home. Then I'll be putting him up for adoption.
He loves to be gently caressed on his head :-)

He is heavy...for a hedgehog!

Sniffing my hand...hoping to find some Halloween treats! ;-)

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