sabato 25 gennaio 2014

COAL the silver fox

After making several red foxes now, I decided I wanted to try with a silver fox this time. They have a very interesting colour pattern, with such beautiful silver grey fur in such nice contrast with the black of their ears, legs and tail....and a white tail end! I had just the perfect materials to do it right. And here is Coal...


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giovedì 9 gennaio 2014

Mr Wigglesworth - BABY RACCOON

I am working hard to keep to my schedule. I have just finished taking the last pictures of Mr Wigglesworth, a sweet custom made baby raccoon. I am very proud of this little one. He is now sitting on a shelf right above me, and he really has a sweet endearing face.

He is really fun to pose as he can move his head up and down and sideways. His arms and tail can also bend. He can sit, half stand and be on all fours. I'm a bit sad that he will be leaving so soon to meet his new mommy!
Thank you Keally!

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sabato 4 gennaio 2014

MICIO preview picture

The Who is Who in Bear Making show is looming. I'm trying to find time enough to add new creations. It has been quite hard, the Christmas break is also a break from intensive sewing. Not that I get to do intensive sewing that often!
I am now allowed to show my preview picture for the show. Micio the kitten will be welcoming the visitors to my page. This is his preview picture:
I am really proud of how he turned out. I hand painted his golden eyes and did some mohair rooting on the needle felted muzzle for a realistic effect. His nose also took quite a while as I did several layers of acrylic paint and gel to get the right look.
MICIO has been adopted, thank you!

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