martedì 2 agosto 2011

My studio

I'm lucky enough to have a working space of my own. It is a long and somehow narrow room with a wide west facing window that allows me a good deal of natural light in the afternoons.

A tour of the premises, from the left side.

 Part of my stash of felt. On the shelf on top, you can see the 'for adoption shelf', where I keep the little ones waiting to find a new home.

My working table. Now it looks quite tidy...don't think it is always like that. It can be very messy in certain stages of my crafting. One rule I have: always tidy up and clean after a new project is completed. 

 On the wall above the table I have this metal hanging line. It is perfect for my prototypes, memos, drawings....everything is right there under my eyes, if I want!

My table is long enough to have a space for my laptop PC, and my CD player. What would I do without them?

This is where I keep the folders with my most recent designs, most of my sewing tools...

 ....eyes, joints, eyelashes, wiring...

And this where I keep my mohair and faux fur, my needle felting tools and wool...a part of my stuffing wool...

I have many, many cardboard boxes like these on the picture. They contain just about anything. My sewing threads boxes, knitting wool, fabrics...

More materials: my brushes, my oils, pastels, glues, sandpaper, wax....

I could go on forever. This is my small world, were little dreams come true!

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