lunedì 19 novembre 2012

A new hedgehog!

The second member of the 'Igel' hedgehog family is ready. He was a custom order, so I have themed him with daisies as requested. His name is Igor Igel.
Igor holding his birth certificate

 I'm very very happy of the outcome. I wanted him to be really different from Vladimir, and I think I succeeded. I have taken tons of pictures of him, and some also of him with Vladimir as they haven't left for their respective new homes yet. The blessing of layaway! :-)

 It is very clear from this perspective how different their faces are: Igor has a much longer muzzle. He is also a bit fatter...:-)

Also their eyes are quite different, they have a pretty different expression, even if they are both very sweet looking I think.
It is interesting working on the same animal, making a series of them. I'm sketching them on paper beforehand, to have an idea of how they should be. Not easy as I'm very lousy at drawing... :-(

Now I have another hedgehog to be finished, probably a girl, and a baby. Let's see how they come out!

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