domenica 13 gennaio 2013

Polar frenzy - Puck the baby penguin

I'm in a polar frenzy. I have my head full of ideas, and they all have the same theme. Polar animals. This time I want to be patient, keep my polar creations a while with me until they are all ready together, and make pictures of them. I might also sell them as a group, we will see!

My first polar buddy is a baby penguin. New design. He measures 7.5 inches. I have used a fantastic Schulte alpaca. It is very soft and beautiful. The only thing is, you have to take care and put anti-fray around all the edges because it frays very easily. Nevertheless...I'm going to buy more, because I fell in love with it!

And here he is, Puck the baby penguin!

I have sculpted his feet with polymer clay (Fimo), and I have also shaded them with acrylics. I think they look cute!
His wings are wired, so they can be folded and posed.
I gave him a spine, and he can move his head up and down...

With his head folded down, he looks a bit shy. He definitely needs a friend to cheer him up! :-)
I like him like this, with his head slightly to the side.

This pictures shows better his cute little tail.

I'm now working on his friend, a baby seal. Another new design, another challenge!

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