venerdì 8 febbraio 2013

DODO the baby polar bear

It took me a lot longer than I thought to finish this baby polar bear. I must blame it on my perfectionism. I started rooting in some alpaca fur into the needle felted muzzle so that the transition from the needle felted area to the fur looked more natural. And I just couldn't stop. I kept adding and some point my subconscious must have decided that all the needle felted area was going to be covered. We are talking hours of work, what with the fur rooting, and the scissor sculpting I had to do afterwards. But. There is a but. And it is, that I'm very pleased with the result. So, it was worth it, I think!
And finally, some pictures.
This is Dodo.

Dodo has wiring into all four limbs, and he has a wire spine. You can pose him in practically any way you like!
I am doing a red  felt fish for him, I think he needs a bright accessory to complement his whiteness.

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