martedì 5 marzo 2013

New projects

I have three new creations under way. I never had so many all together. I started with another fox cub that I wanted to make with some beautiful fur bought some time ago. When I was cutting the pieces, I kept browsing Google for images of puppies.
I do it often, I go on Google image and look for pictures of animals to inspire me. I store them all in a folder for future use. Normally I do one project at a time, but this time....I woke up the other day and I felt like doing some designing.

End result? Now I have a design for a dog puppy that I really like. I like it so much that I decided to try it out on two very different kind of furs.
One is an extremely long (85mm) and fluffy white mohair. The idea is a Maltese like puppy. Not an exact copy, but something like that.
Fox cub project on the right, Maltese puppy project on the left

The other will have a very short (3mm) black and white mohair fur.

It is always interesting how totally different results you can get by simply choosing different furs. I think this proves that OOAK is not so strictly related with using the design only once. 
Just look at those pictures of both puppies when the pieces are sewn but not yet turned right side out.

They look basically the same.
It will be interesting to see how different they will be at the end!

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