lunedì 20 maggio 2013

Kitten - WIP

I underestimated the time needed for this little kitten. It has taken me ages to do his face. I almost always work with black glass eyes. I did a couple of projects with coloured eyes, and it always take me longer to figure out the outline and the needle felting around it. I really wanted to try out these clear brown eyes, they are perfect for a cat.
After a couple of days hard work, I am finally on the right track I think.

He still needs some finishing touches. His eyes need still more slanting on the outer edges. And I want to give him whiskers. Also his ears need some shading.
I have been working so much on him that I am loosing perspective. It happens sometimes when I work long on a project, I cannot see it with a critical eye anymore, my brain gets used to it. 
The solution is:
-take some pictures
-leave it be for a while
This means that for the next days I will be working on the brown alpaca bear cub....under the curious eyes of my little unfinished kitten!

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