lunedì 5 agosto 2013

A productive summer break

I'm back after a long Summer break. Five weeks away from home, enjoying a nice holiday with the Family.
I haven't been entirely idle though. I brought mohair and sewing material with me.
Last year I have been able to make only one piece in more than a month. This year I decided to try something different. Instead of making a piece from start to finish, I planned several and only did the first stages: cutting, trimming and sewing.
I have five projects under way. Squirrel (new design), kitten, raccoon, hedgehog and baby hedgehog.

I will be doing the Teddy Worldwide Christmas show in November. I have never done an on line show before. They have a strict policy of not showing your pieces beforehand. No more photos of WIP for these fellows. This is also a first, I'm used to posting loads of pictures of my work in progress, and I never had to keep my creations 'under wrap' for a time. This will be trying.....on the other hand, I like that I have a deadline, and that I must plan for something ahead. It gives me focus.
I need to have at least five pieces for the show. I hope to be able to do more, but I also want to keep selling some pieces between now and November, so I will probably alternate a little.
I did a sort of 'to do' list for the next months. It is becoming awfully long, I'm sure I'll have to select as I go. I guess it is better to be full of ideas than to be in a creative vacuum though!

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