sabato 2 novembre 2013

SPLINTER - my preview hedgehog for the Teddies Worldwide

I have been working on my Teddies Worldwide collection for most of the last five months. Only two weeks now before the show opens, and we are finally allowed to show our preview creation for the show.
This is Splinter, a cute hedgehog, happy owner of a felt Christmas tree!
The tree took longer to make than I thought when I started on it, but I am very happy of the outcome.
Splinter has a happy face, he loves the Christmas season!

I have taken so many pictures of this little one! I have found it particularly hard as I needed to keep a 3:2 ratio which is very tall and narrow. I could not have the whole tree or Splinter would look too small in the preview picture. In the end I decided I needed to have him bigger, with just a portion of the tree visible.
SPLINTER - Teddies Worldwide preview picture
I had also very nice pictures with a black background. I think he looks very good with that dark background. It was no good for the dark green tree though...but he looks cute!

SPLINTER is adopted, thank you!

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