lunedì 31 marzo 2014

SHADOW the owl

After working for quite some time on bears only, I just needed a new design to give me enthusiasm and energy. I have been meaning to create an owl for several months now. My greatest damper was that I was not sure about his legs-feet. I thought I might use Fimo and the technique I have used for my penguins.
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That didn't seem totally right, as I wanted to have feet with a furry upper part well blended with the bare part.
I have been working with Epoxy clay lately. That is an interesting alternative, as you do not bake it, and it sticks very firmly to almost any surface. I find it not as nice and easy to work with as Fimo. At the beginning it is a bit too sticky and not firm enough. You have to wait a bit, until it is nice to work with, but you cannot wait too long as it hardens and then it is set. It needs practice. The result...well, the result was well worth the effort. I was finally able to do exactly what I had in mind: legs with a furry upper part, and bare realistic feet with claws. I am a happy lady.
This is my newborn owl, perching on my husband's hand:

 SHADOW is now adopted!

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