domenica 16 dicembre 2012

Fox cub - a new design in progress

I'm developing a new design for a fox cub. What is new (for me) in this design is the concept of the front legs design. I have always designed all four limbs as separate parts from the body, attaching them with cotter pins. This works very well with teddy bears and other animals when they are sitting, as the joint lets the arms a great possibility of movement. The arm can turn around the cotter pin and be moved as wished, especially if you put a wiring in the limb.

This is Onorio, his arm is cotter pin jointed and separate from the body. He can lift it all the way up.
Why changing?
Because when I want a different, more realistic animal that is standing on all fours, the front limb is always sticking out a bit. The shoulder part cannot be perfectly concealed. I wanted a smoother look, particularly in the front. So I decided to design a body with front legs attached.

It has taken me a lot of work.
I always try out new designs using cheap cotton fabric, to see if all the parts fit and the proportions are fine. It is a tricky process as the fur changes the proportions, and I must always keep it in mind.
The front legs will be part of the body.
In the picture they look severed because they will be made with two furs, the lower part being black short alpaca fur.
The front feet took me ages. I couldn't find a shape that really satisfied me. I wanted the feet to have a natural curve, and to be rounded in the front. I did at least four tries. Some went straight to the garbage bin. :-(
Some are still lying on my table!
Three stages of my 'front legs'efforts

The hind legs were easier because I basically modified the concept of the front legs, when I found the right design!

And here is my fox cub!

He is still very raw, no stuffing, no wiring, no nothing! Just the body parts all together for a first impression. I like it!

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