venerdì 7 dicembre 2012

It has taken me quite some time, but I have finally finished this little raccoon of mine. I shouldn't say little as he is not that small really, he measures about 28 cm from head to bottom, with a 21cm tail!
I have taken the first pictures. Today there is a very bad light, so I'm sure I could do better, but I didn't want to wait! :-)

His wired arms can bend
 The pictures don't show it well, but he has polymer clay claws.

Arms are long enough for him to put his hands on his eyes
I have used two different kind of fur for his limbs. The upper part is the same Tissavel of the rest of the body. For the lower part I chose a relatively short (9mm) alpaca. I love alpaca fur as it is quite thick, soft and has no shine. Sometimes you don't want a shiny material!
I scissor sculpted in the area where the two materials meet, then shaded.
I also like how he looks seen from above
 The shading took quite some time. I did it with oils. I did his tail using paper tape to keep the lighter parts clear of the dark shading.
On all fours

I haven't decided on a name...or on an accessory. Time to think about it during the week-end!

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