lunedì 8 aprile 2013

First steps for a new raccoon design

I am working on a new design for a raccoon. I never tire of doing those funny sweet creatures. It is my third now. This time I would like to make a young one. Maybe a baby.
I have done a first sketch (I am not that good at drawing...). It is to help me understand the body shape and proportions I want.
I have already chosen the fur. It is essential that I have the fur in mind when I do the design, as the fur length can really change the shapes. I have this great fur, 70% mohair and 30% viscose. It is grey with a slightly darker tip. It is not so dense and straight as the faux furs that I have used for my previous raccoons. It is also a lot shorter. I love its backing, it is a very nice textured grey.
This is a first prototype made of cheap cotton fabric. I always do a cotton prototype, it helps a lot. Sometimes I get the shapes right the first time, sometimes I need to do adjustments.
Here for instance I realized that I need to add some 'behind' to the body. I also want his hind legs to be a little less skinny, and his head to be wider. His front legs don't need the bend. I have re-designed them straight. The inner wiring will help them bend in case one wants them so.
And this is my baby raccoon inside out.

I'm pretty pleased with the outcome....but there is still so much to be done! First of all...pulling the pieces inside out!
Now, it is time to give him some bones, stuff his head and limbs.....and so on and on! ;-)

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