venerdì 12 aprile 2013

Raccoon head - WIP

I have taken photos of my work in progress on the baby raccoon face

Side view
Front view
First of all I have put position eyes on the head. It is not a definitive position, but it is very helpful to define the rest of the face.

Then,  I have marked with pins the area that needs to be shaved to leave place for the needle felting.

I cut the fur from that area.

I start doing the needle felting.
A partially needle felted muzzle
Still with a felt position nose
The next step is to draw and sew his ears. I tend to do it at this stage as I have noticed that I need to have a partially done face to draw the ears.

Now that he has ears, I sew them on and place his real eyes.

 I needle felt around his eyes to give him eye sockets.

 He now needs a real nose. Before that, I have also embroidered his mouth, following the needle felted indentation. To see how I do my polymer clay noses, see my tutorials here:
now he has a 'real' polymer clay nose!
It is now time for the real fun....his make up! without it, he wouldn't be a raccoon at all!

I might have to give some final touches, but he is really quite was fun!

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  1. thanks for ALL your wonderful tutorials and for sharing your knowledge. I would love to see how you do the shading on your animals. Are you using marker pens perhaps.

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    thanks x