domenica 4 gennaio 2015

FIAMMA the red fox

I am again developing new designs with the 'no joints' concept. This time it is a red fox. At 18 inches, she is quite a big girl, my biggest creation yet.
I have used a gorgeous golden orange faux fur which screamed "turn me into a fox!". I am over the moon with the result. I feel the long hours I spent on the details have made the difference: Apoxie sculpted claws and paw pads, Fimo nose, hand painted glass eyes and patient scissor, shading and painting with acrylics and oils.
She has a wire frame which goes all the way to the limbs. I like that you can arrange her legs in very realistic poses.
Here she is, please meet Fiamma. Fiamma is the Italian word for flame, and given her colours, I thought it the perfect name.
FIAMMA is now on auction here:

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