domenica 8 febbraio 2015

Doxie puppy BAXTER

I've been wanting to create another puppy for some time now. The problem with designing a puppy is that there are so many extra cute breeds that I would like to make, that I literally get stuck. I'm forever adding new pictures of gorgeous puppies in my Pinterest folder and when I go to it for inspiration, I just can't choose. Last December I finally told myself I would simply choose with my heart. I had a couple of pictures of supercute doxies that really tug at my heart.
I started the new year with this dachshund puppy project, and it's been so fun! My family, and the people who know my personal tastes when it comes to dog breeds were quite surprised by the choice, as I am a terrier lover. well, the time for more terriers will come, but really, how can you resist a cute, super cute doxie puppy?
Here is the result of all my efforts, little Baxter!
BAXTER is ADOPTED, thank you!

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