venerdì 5 ottobre 2012

FRENCH TEDDY AWARDS....let's give it a try!

I think I might have a new addiction. After the fun of the URSA AWARDS competition I feel I want more! It's been so exciting doing that contest, and so stimulating...When I saw that they are doing a new competition, the FRENCH TEDDY AWARDS I thought: that is going to be fun, I want to try it!
There will be many talented artists competing, I just can't wait to see all the entries.
After some thinking I decided to try in the 'AUTRES ANIMAUX' category. I wanted to put Galileo the Welsh, but you can only put one picture and it is quite limiting, especially for Galileo who needs at least a couple of different perspectives to do him justice. So I decided for Fulvio the fox. I always loved that fox. It took some time to decide which picture was the best. I had those three:

 After long thinking, I chose the first one, without Silvio the rooster. I'm proud of Silvio the rooster, but I thought he would steal the spotlight a little bit, and I'm interested in showing Fulvio's features as best as possible. I also have a soft spot for that particular picture...I hope I did the right choice!
I would have liked to put a bear also but they have undressed category and even ribbons are not allowed, and my bears are never ever completely bare. And they are neither really dressed, so they would not go into a 'dressed' category.
Well, one is enough, it is only that I didn't want to feel out. I have a real liking for those competitions! :-)

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