venerdì 19 ottobre 2012


I define my style as 'modern with realistic detailing'. I don't do exact copies of animals, but I'm gradually experimenting with new techniques that allow me to add realistic detailing to my animals. Clay noses, claws, body wiring....they all have a role in it.
I'm now developing my own design for a hedgehog. I love those sweet little fellows, and I have bought some great Schulte mohair that is really perfect for this project.
I want my hedgehog to be able to fold unto himself like real hedgehogs do to defend themselves. I think I have the body design just right to do that. At least, it works very well on the cotton prototype. I hope it will look good with the mohair too.
These are some of the pictures I keep looking at for an inspiration:
 I just love this little fellow, and his funny feet.

I'm still mulling in my head several possibilities for the arms and legs. I'm still not quite sure, I will need to sleep over it. I might design them after I have done the rest....I'm quite impatient to see how the design works with the mohair! :-)

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