martedì 16 ottobre 2012


It's a girl!
it's funny, but mostly my bears are male. At some point while I'm working on them, they let me know what gender they are going to be. It it like being pregnant and doing an echography. I know it is so for many other bear makers, we don't get to decide, it is just so.
Well, this time it was a girl, and she started telling me pretty soon. So, here she is. She is also quite photogenic I think. Maybe she had fun helping me out with the nose tutorials and couldn't wait to be photographed again! ;-)

I have used again the body wiring. Again I'm very happy about it. She can really be posed in so many fun ways!

Her name is Mia. And she is very very proud of her ribbon, she loves to pose and play with it!

Mia now lives in the USA!

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