lunedì 1 ottobre 2012

URSA AWARDS: Beniamino won first place in his category!

I'm so happy! The URSA AWARDS winners have been announced, and dear BENIAMINO has won a first place in his category!
I'm so very proud of him! I think it was in the stars as BENIAMINO in Italian means 'my favorite'...:-)
Also SOOT the raccoon and OSCAR the cat got a third place in this wonderful competition.
I'm very proud of them also, of course!
I am very grateful to all the kind people that took the time to vote for one of my creations. These awards give me 'fuel' and inspiration to keep going!
Here is the link to the URSA AWARDS 2012 winners, it has been an honor to participate to such a great contest with so many talented artists.

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