martedì 30 ottobre 2012

Vladimir Igel

It took quite some time, but my dear hedgehog is finally finished. I've just given him a name. His name is Vladimir Igel.
This hedgehog of mine makes me smile all the time. I'm not sure I'll be selling him right away, I want to make tons of pictures of him, and keep him with me a little while.
Oh yes, I'm really proud of this little fellow! I'm very happy because I finally found a way to make his legs exactly like I wanted them to be. It wasn't that easy, this design is very different from any other that I have done before. The concept will come in handy in the future for other animals, when I want an arm that has flat hands parallel to the ground and a slim shoulder.
I also did a lot of work on his face. Part of his needle felted head has rooted in mohair. I gave him a V shaped hairline! It took long, but I think it was worth it. Ok, here are some of the first pictures!

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